Motivational Speakers Are Coaches…

“Come on you can do it!”… Buck up! You are the best get up and run again… “Who cares if you didn’t pass, you learned something try next time and you will pass”… these and like these sentences are world’s most powerful steroids for a demotivated, defeated, ignored, less talented and hopeless person. The person who says such words is a life saver, honestly! At some point in life we all need some motivation and appreciation for whatever we have done in our life till now, or whatever we are intended to do in future. Motivation works like a petrol for car (human).

On YouTube haven’t we all observed that there is a trend going on of motivational speaker, where some young guys and girls are sharing bitter truth in a sugar coated way, they are not just motivators or motivational speakers they are life coaches. There is no harm in admitting defeat but, after admitting keep lying on the ground is a ‘sin’. This motivational speaking was started from west, where people voluntarily came up and tried to tell people that stay motivated your time will surely come. Things are not that easy, life coaches’ act as a lantern in a dark alley let us remind! Seeking help is not weakness and getting guidance is something which always an educated person does? The actual job of a life coach includes giving directions, setting goals and aims for a person, give guidance related to education and selecting profession this is something very normal. In order to add value to your knowledge, it’s a field out there in west and coaches are getting paid for it (real good). According to a well-known life coach Kate Larsen, “the best way to stay ahead in the race is self-coaching and asking the right question to others and to own self” yes fellows! Asking the damn right question, ask question first to yourself and then to others; nothing is perfect in this world and we are also not perfect; so before start making this world perfect try to ask some right questions to yourself and then move ahead and make this world a better place to live. To be a good speaker you must enroll yourself in a public speaking training.

It’s a lesson from the same life coach that “start thinking and after finish thinking start doing” there are certain motivations in life which works when the work is done. A life coach actually help us to realize such stuff and make us patient enough to understand that time will come in favor. There is a term called ‘analysis paralysis’ in which a person just thinks and never works. In reality change through aspiration is better than change through desperation (message from the same life coach Kate Larsen). Don’t just listen to them act accordingly and definitely changes will be visible soon.

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